WooCommerce Data Transfer

WooCommerce Data Transfer

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Dillon needed to sync orders between two WooCommerce sites. It was the typical small company problem — they didn’t house software engineer and off-the-shelf tools didn’t have the exact functionality they needed.

We built them a tool that transfers all the data at the click of a button.


  • Dillon needed to periodically copy the order history from one WooCommerce site to another

Why Existing Solutions Didn’t Work

  • WooCommerce charges $50 for spreadsheet uploads
  • WooCommerce exports aren’t segmented by date, which made the process confusing


  • A Flank app that copies the order history from Site A to Site B at the click of a button

Value Added

  • Dillon can now see his entire order history across both sites under one umbrella. This makes BI reporting much simpler.

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