A dashboard and admin panel

How Out2Win saved 30 hours building a dashboard and admin panel

A dashboard and admin panel

Out2Win is an agency that connects influencer athletes and brands to create sponsorship deals. To help facilitate sponsorships more effectively, they built an internal database of athletes. They utilized 3 scripts to add data to and interact with the database.

  1. Add athletes and their basic bio info to the database

  2. Enrich athletes with their social media activity from the past 2 weeks

  3. Search athletes with filters (follower count, engagement rate, etc.)

At first, their engineer was the only person who could run the scripts. So whenever the Out2Win team needed to view athlete data or to add new athletes with more recent metrics, they would message the engineer and ask him to run whatever they needed.

As you can imagine, this process slowed down everyone involved. The CEO had a crucial meeting with potential sponsors but had to wait hours just to get the updated athlete metrics from an engineer. It also interrupted the engineer and forced them to take a break to serve the request.

Tired of playing “Hey, can you run that for me?” tag, Out2Win started looking at solutions where the C-suite could refresh or view athlete data without needing an engineer.

Tool Name

Fails because...


Run scripts


View search results


Track result history

Custom Website

Stay within budget


After testing a couple of options, Out2Win decided to use Flank because it provides the fastest way to turn code into usable tools for non-technical team members. The Out2Win engineer exposed 3 scripts to Flank and the platform automatically generated a page for each script. Within 15 minutes, the whole team was able to add, update, or view athletes without needing an engineer.

The transformation not only streamlined processes but also reinforced Out2Win's culture of independence and agility, ensuring that the Out2Win team is always a step ahead in the fast-paced influencer-athlete market. The C-suite now gets the data they need when they want it. The engineer can now focus on other core objectives and no longer play the part of "human run button." In a month, Out2Win saved over 30 hours of engineering time using Flank to create their dashboard and admin panel instead building one themselves.

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