LinkedIn Sales Navigator to AirTable

LinkedIn Sales Navigator to AirTable

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Internally at Flank, we’ve been constructing a CRM using data collected from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We used to manually add search results one at a time. This was problematic for all the reasons you’d expect — it was slow, we had duplicate entries, people weren’t always linked to the right companies.

We built a Flank app that automatically solved these problems. It’s fast (like 25x faster). It correctly links each person to the right company. And it checks before inserting rows, so we don’t have a CRM full of duplicates.


  • Manually copying data out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Slow!)
  • Manually inserting one row at a time into AirTable (Slow! Duplicates!)
  • Need to maintain relationships between two AirTable tables (Error prone!)

Why Existing Solutions Didn’t Work

  • LinkedIn scraping tools…
    • … didn’t return the data that we need (e.g. Sales Navigator URL for the company)
    • … are designed for exporting huge CSVs on massive searches, while we were doing lots of small searches


  • Browser extension that copies data off the LinkedIn page
  • Flank app that inserts data into AirTable, maintaining table relationships and avoiding duplicate entries

Value Added

  • 8 hours of work can be done in 20 minutes

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