Klaviyo Segment Creator

Klaviyo Segment Creator

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Dillon had the typical problem of having data scattered between 3rd party tools — in this case, Klaviyo and WooCommerce. The easiest way for him to pull the data that he needed was to manually create segmentations in Klaviyo and copy the data into Excel. He spent a whole day each month on this process.

We built him a tool that automatically creates all his segments with one button click. This save him a whole day of work each month.


  • The CEO was manually creating 60 segmentations every month (he spent 8 hours doing this)

Existing Solutions

  • Manually create segmentations in Klaviyo website (Slow!)


  • Flank app that automatically creates all segmentations at the click of a button

Value Added

  • Saved CEO 1 workday per month

Do you have this problem? We'd love to chat!