Google Result Scraper

Google Result Scraper

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Andy is a non-technical founder who wanted to supercharge his lead gen. They’ve got a product that people love, but they just need to reach their target audience at scale. Before, they were manually searching for people on Google.

We built them a tool to automate their Google search and filter process.


  • Andy was manually searching for leads on Google

Why Existing Solutions Didn’t Work

  • They hired someone on Upwork to write a scraper, but it was inconsistent and only he knew how to run it, so they had a very manual, human-in-the-loop process.
  • Out-of-the-box tools (e.g. BrightData) didn’t offer the filtering they were looking for


  • Flank app that crawls Google results and filters based on keywords

Value Added

  • Andy is able to collect 20+ leads from every major metropolitan area in the US in one day. (Previously they were doing 3 cities a day)

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